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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 10, 2012 7:30am-9:00am EDT

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during the event organizers and attendees honored the late andrew breitbart. featured speakers included reince priebus, stephen hayes and laura ingram. this is just under three hours. >> ladies and gentlemen, once again here is chris plante. [applause] >> following keith olbermann, what's better than that? i want to thank all of the people that took my cue and sent thrills often my leg during dinner to my obama phone. it i shall is kind of an obama phone.
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when brent bozell asked me to in c. tonight's dinner, i was honestly a little bit uncomfortable about accepting because you can't trust rebozo or the people that he surrounds himself with. they would sell out their mothers for one cheap laugh. i thought about it for a moment and almost decline but i decided welcome what the hell, i'll go ahead. there's a free dinner and free drinks and. so i would go ahead and taking up on the off. besides, i work in talk radio which is a very unstable business, and i could be fired a pretty much any moment, as has been proven at least once already. so i've got to keep some connection in punches in his next ride i get the bad news at 12:05 which is how it happens. but i do love the media research center and now a lot of us do because these guys don't follow
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the rules, and i don't follow the rules as prescribed. as taught in catholic school. didn't really take very well. and conventional wisdom has it that, you know, if you can't beat them, you joined it. at media research center they taken that old adage and turned it on its ear. we can't join them so let's beat the hell out of them. [applause] and my job here tonight really is basically to shuttle people up on stage, onto the stage, and allow them to do the real work. i'm just kind of the windowdressing. to present the awards and do all of that good stuff. and we have tonight a very busy night, a lot of stuff usually, a
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lot of great people to present awards and a lot of great people receiving awards. we have four awards plus our funnies, our videos, plus the william f. buckley, jr. award for excellence in journalism, excellence in journalism? it happens. plus a grand finale, just wait. plus even more fun after the event with the davidson brothers band performed on the stage on the other in this truly extraordinary building, at the system extra ordinary building. all the amazing buildings in washington, this is one worth noting with a great history that we are just getting some history at from former hip play here as the medevac. so to present the first two awards tonight we have a woman who has graced us with her presence several times before and is back by popular demand. she is the most listened to woman in political talk radio in the united states of america. she is a regular fox news
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contributor and the principal substitute host on "the o'reilly factor," she is the number one "new york times" best selling author of five books, including the obama diaries, shut up and sing, and, of course, her current new smash hit that you must buy if you haven't already, of the i zing. ladies and jump a repressive, extraordinary laura anger him -- laura ingram. [applause] >> how are you? chris plante is awesome. i love them. he's a great guy, great radio host and in washington, d.c. institution, and i'm delighted that i feel like i'm your among a lot of friends. and in an incredible, and in a
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beautiful environment and also in an interesting election season to say the least. our first award for the evening is -- wait, before we get to the. i had to start off wit with a je or can i start off with a joke? joe biden. sorry, that's a joke. followed up by another joke. nancy pelosi. oh, sorry. as an ardent practicing catholic. sorry. i was told by my friends at sun not like that i do the best nancy pelosi impersonation but i'm still waiting for that, you know, that bit they're going to write for me at "saturday night live." they avoid doing the actual bits about goofy liberals. it's all republicans that they do over there. our first award of the evening is the obama gas him a war. i can believe i'm actually
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saying this. troubling. now this is rich history. for about 25 years they read -- media research center has been document every pc from the media as they celebrate one liberal hero after another. and let me just say that people we're going to be talk about tonight, they love politicians who, want to raise your taxes, right? they love politicians who want to expand in any state. got to check all the boxes here, they love presidents who have a wandering eye. if they have the right political views. they love the lives of at least and by those presidents or politicians of wandering eyes, as long as there is a senate seat attention up for grabs. they love all things communist.
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i actually had a chance to live in the former soviet union, and i don't really look back on my time in the soviet union with a college student like pine for the days of soviet russia. but you get the sense that some of our friends in the are just like if we can only of those red lines again, that would be awesome. so from castro to gorbachev to other comets things come to mind, obama. no, a rideable yacht me for that. they love this. it brings back today with a could really draw a bright line. the evil united states versus the communitarians in the former soviet union. they love celebrities who, when they hear the word complicated acronyms like gdp, they think
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gdp, gdp, is that like p&g, like dole sake of on the? now, no. gdp. it's not a clothing line. you think we're getting? of course we're not kidding. before we present you with a finalist for 2012, we're going to give you a compilation of our media heroes for the past 25 years. >> once the governor of arizona. when he entered the race nearly a year ago, he had the courage to say that as a president probably have to raise taxes. and he never recovered from his courage. >> the soviet union, born of bloody revolution, bound together by train that is still being dressed but it is the dream of a socialist nation marching toward the first communist state. the soviet union, a mighty uni
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union. spent they are the healthiest and most educated young people in cuba's history. many of them say they have castro and a socialist revolution to thank. >> we talked to one observer. he told us that if he were a warning the nobel prize he would nominate mikhail gorbachev. what do you think about? >> is that because bill clinton is such a great present, or is there something, i want is a almost sexy about a man who can get away with things over and over again? >> she clearly hated being thought of as just bill clinton's wife. finally, last november 1998, hillary clinton show the world what she can do on the campaign
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trail without him. political mastery, every bit as dazzling as his. >> for castor, freedom starts with education. and if literacy all over the rc, cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on earth. e-literacy -- the literacy rate is 96%. >> the new speaker was on the forefront time holding her sexual grandson all the while giving directions on how events would proceed. it seems the ultimate in multitasking, taking care of the children and the country. >> people have called you the savior, the messiah, the messenger of change. >> i like to say that in some way barack obama is the first president since george washington to be taking a step down into the oval office.
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>> we know that wind can make a cold they feel colder, but can national pride make a freezing day feel warmer? it seems to be the case. but regardless of the final crowd number as to much, never have so many people shivered so long with such joy. >> from above even the seagulls must have been in all i the blanket of humanity. >> in a way obama stand above the country. is sort of god. >> oh, boy. i mean, didn't clint eastwood said it best when he said well, we all believe -- now we are all crying. that's a prime. and in 2012 really very little has changed with our friends in the media. they still love all the same heroes, and they still get hot
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flashes at night. and i said this on my radio show the other day but a lot of these male journalists seem positively postmenopausal in their reaction to president obama. so this year we offer as our first award, and our first nominee for the obamagasm, three finalists, and our first nominee is a man whose infatuation with president obama is something that you all probably remember. sooner or later it's going to go, a sickly get an r. rating from the motion picture association, and just ladies and gentlemen, who else, who do you think? let me hear some shouts. [inaudible] >> too easy. chris, thrill up my legs, matthews. now, isn't it a surprise when you see them actually talking about obama and he still has his clothes on? you know, back in college we
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used to have this acronym we would screen out windows a lot of pda, public display of affection in a dorm, it would be get a room, gar. i'm always screaming that at the television when chris matthews is speaking. back on july 17, old chris was fanning himself, once again. >> this guy has done everything right. is racist and a red. he saw is what all the way to the top of the harvard law review and the content of the review, top editor. everything is done is clean as a whistle but he's not only breaking any law, he's never anything wrong. he's the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect american. all we do is trash the guy. >> so that's the bar being set for the presidency. he hasn't broken any law. okay. i think we all can accept the
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nomination for the presidency. look, the only trashing that has been done over the last three and a half years is to our economy and/or international stature, and that is been done by this president. and actually chris, i personally have coveted president obama many times, and all of you listen to my show now i cut it is fair and balanced. look, president obama might not know a lot about economics, but he does i mean karaoke. so let's just celebrate that. let's all hold hands, so in love with you. i mean, come on. imagine mitt romney doing that. i'm so in love with you. oh, come on. i'm sorry. i know this is mrc but you've got to give it to both sides. our second obamagasm of war -- i
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hate even sang the. is it just me or -- obamagasm award. there's a preacher. i can go to confession after saying it. i'm heading out there. goes to someone who celebrated a movement, not just an individual, and this was on october 11, abc's, i'm going to do her voice, diane sawyer. of the perpetually heavy breathing voice. who is trying with a very blurry lens. i feel like diane. i'm sorry, i feel guilty doing this. with trying valiantly to describe the emergence of a movement known as the benevolent occupy wall street.
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>> we thought we would bring you up-to-date on those protesters, the occupy wall street movement. as of tonight it had spread to more than 250 americans to these more than 1000 country. every continent but antarctica. >> right up there with 57 states. occupy wall street has spread to a thousand countries. why not just say bazillion? well, god bless or. our final nominee for the obamagasm award is britain's own alien life form, known as a long walk off a short feud morgan. now, i never did much understand why cnn thought it would be fox news at 9 p.m. with a british
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host who looks like he just got a really bad when she added british prep school. they did make a lot of sense to me, but what do i know? i only work for the number one rated cable network in the united states. shameless plug alert. on december 5, good old pierce was interviewing obama chief strategist, otherwise known as mr. whipple, david axelrod. remember those old commercials don't squeeze the sharman? i swear it's his doppelgänger. we are all squeezed now, that's a problem, right? actually when you listen to piers morgan, and this happens oftentimes, it's not so much that he is interviewing a guest.
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he's actually interviewing himself. this is when we roll the clip. >> i always feel he's got so many -- personable, handsome, he can be funny. you know, abroad he has this great image for america. a lot of things are just perfect about barack obama. >> i do know, we've got a lot of men in this room. okay. how many times, look around you at the table, look around them everybody has a different look, everybody is unique. i tell my three children it doesn't matter which look like on the outside, it matters who you are on the inside in your heart, whether you -- i tried to tell it to my kids.
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but man, look around you at the table. how many of you would ever let the words trip off your tongue gosh, he's handsome? i'm just saying. the thing is i like watching piers morgan when he is doing that a month review of the jackson family. is it just me or is the jackson sun on cnn every other night? it seems like they're cohosting most of the shows. we could give you 50 examples of all this but then you all get sick and throw up on your table mates, and would have to declare this entire event a superfund site. so i won't do that. so these were our final this and we gave in to our judges can sting -- painstaking process as was, since i'm a judge myself i gave it to myself and we chose the winner of the obamagasm
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award. all right, are you ready? i feel like i met those real terrible award shows. so exciting. oh, this is a disturbing sign? it's written in frc. sorry, it's in arabic, whatever. the obamagasm award, could it be anyone, but it's chris matthews and -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now sadly chris couldn't join us this year, again. there is something else. there is something in his contract i guess. ♪ >> you get the point. doesn't really matter if i talk
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over chris matthews? there's something in, a clause in his contract that told him he had to cuddle up with a copy of rules for radicals this time of night so he couldn't be a. but accepted on his behalf is frankly the vein of his existence these days, and now this is someone i once called the mr. bean of republican politics. and i don't think he took to it with the usual offense that men would take from teasing from someone like me, but i thought how can this nice guy from wisconsin who seems to be just so upright and honest and kind of matter-of-fact about conservatism, how could he possibly deliver all of this wonderful ground game and voter registration and fundraiser for the republican party? but ladies and gentlemen, let me just say, some people might be worried about 2012 and what's going to happen. but the one thing they shouldn't
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worry about is the man who's heading up the republican national committee, my friend, rnc chairman, he's not mr. bean, it's reince priebus. ♪ ♪ >> well, thank you, laura. thank you, laura, very much for this, and man, am i glad i am a conservative. because you know, if laura wonders what kind of mother nature child piers, i mean can you imagine what he was hit by parents would name their son reince? on me, first of all, for the record, for the record reince priebus is what happens when a
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greek and german get smeared. it's like a cultural disaster. and colder actually figure something out with my name. that if you actually take the files out of the name reince priebus, think about this. you get rnc. women, it gets worse. and it gets more fitting. prbs. guy does have a sense of humor but don't worry, i'm a normal guy. my kids are named jack and grace so we went the opposite direction of mining. anyway, thank you for having me here today. there's no question that i've seen firsthand the bias and the vicious attacks of the liberal media. it can be tough out there if you're not careful you get bruised and bloodied. and i'm surprised there's not a program for that in obamacare.
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well, now at the rnc we're doing our best to all the president accountable, and i hope you agree. besides the record money that we spent on tv this year, we launched over 100 hard-hitting web videos on youtube. in fact, the other day i went downstairs and talk to the guy that makes her videos and he told me that the one we released a couple days ago received over 100,000 hits on youtube. and i thought, man, what would msnbc do with that kind of viewership? well, i know current tv is disappointed that they were not one of the three nominees. but brent explain to me that you actually have to have viewers to be nominated. i've read recently that obama's campaign spokesperson, he was on jennifer granholm's show on current tv and i wondered, if he
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is on current tv, who is watching current tv? it's great to see sony people here tonight, and it is a shame that chris matthews couldn't be here with us to see what a large audience looks like, right? you know, you know, maybe, maybe we are too hard on good old chris sometimes. i think he tries. but it just seems like he's always asking the wrong questions. a fact that he made painfully obvious a few months ago when he appeared on jeopardy. i'll take last place finishes for $1000, alex, please. let me conclude by thanking you, the media research center them for your pursuit of honesty and accountability in journalism. we need a little more of that enemy and then the political
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discourse, and a lot less of those that lean to the left. and as some say, leaning forward. congratulations to brent bozell on your tremendous work for fighting liberal bias at the mrc for 25 years. 25, that's a silver anniversary. [applause] >> and brent, i see you covered your beard a little bit to celebrate the silver anniversary tonight. so to the mrc, keep it up. and at the rnc, we will be working nonstop for the next 40 days to save the american dream and in this liberal european nightmare that we have in the white house. [applause] this is, this is our generation's time for choosing.
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this is our generation's rendezvous with destiny. and we're going to keep fighting for the next generation. and i promise you something, i promise you on my life that i'm not here tonight, or anywhere across america, because i'm worried about the future of the republican party. we are here tonight because we are worried about the future of the country that we love. and let me tell you, we are going to save this country and we're going to fire a rock obama in november. yankee and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> the great thing about this is where among friends, and friends see friends.
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and reince so gracious and is unlike so many politicians who, they get all offended if you tease them. but i think raymond is a. i think for the last few years i called them reince. and he still the nicest person. i adored them. is phenomenal. before i continue i also just want to remind everyone who is your, who has taken time out of their busy schedule and to travel, many people, people come up to me tonight from mississippi and california. you've come a long way to honor and celebrate the media research center. and i can tell you that i am so thankful for your being here, for brent bozell, tim graham, his entire team. it takes a huge effort and the phenomenal team to do what they do on a daily basis. and brent, i'm such in awe of what you done over the last 25 years. thank you. [applause]
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>> time to that golden anniversary. >> now, a lot has been said recently about media bias. and brent got a great gift a few days ago when even the organization announced the results of his most recent poll, that 60% of americans view the current media landscape as either untrustworthy or biased. 60%. and i think to myself, of course. i mean, and even democrats know that most of the guys who work for the mainstream, so-called mainstream or dinosaur media outlets vote democrat. the few studies that have been done overwhelmingly prove that. and i think to myself, wait a second. george stephanopoulos, former clinton operative who, look, i've been in good morning america within. he couldn't be nicer to me, but when you asked as he has been
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just as recent about media bias, and he says well known that, i don't think there is media bias, like, it's like all of us in this room at one time saying we don't have a national debt. i mean, it's like we do. we have a $16 trillion plus national debt. no, we don't have a national debt. you lose all credibility. ..
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>> and i'm thinking, of course, of a number of, well, a number of heroes to all of you here tonight like charlie crist -- you can say boo or something. i mean, you have at least a few mashed potatoes left on the plate. jon huntsman. show thy wee. he likes to speak mandarin in his sleep. arlen specter. lincoln chafee. you understand your boos fall on deaf ears because these are courageous men of great principle and great conviction because when push came to shove, they really weren't conservative at all. in other words, they really weren't republican, at least successful ones. so our second award for tonight is appropriately called, and this is in true fashion, the vast right-wig -- right-wing
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knuckle draggers award. to demonstrate this hostility to all things conservative, now need only compare their treatment of us and ten their treatment of their fellow liberals. so we're going to give you a sampling to prove the point just so you get it. so you think dan quayle v. al gore, you think maybe bush v. obama, you think george clooney v. clint eastwood. their idea of balance. ♪ >> quayle and his supporters throw a protective arm around the national guard as though the institution itself were under attack. it, of course, is not. he and his apart id i don't care rah si are. >> the leader i have chosen is a leader of great strength. >> looking at some of thattage,
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it looks like the all beefcake footage. they may have to put out their stats. >> i think gore and clinton would be the all-generational change ticket, and i suppose if they could move, they could do cameo appearances on studs. they got more positive coverage on this bus tour than the beatles got. more reporters were oohing and ahing, it was almost embarrassing. sorry i didn't get a chance to do it until now. >> the day before his speech, kerry crossed boston harbor with his crew mates from vietnam. tonight the loner will stand alone here in his hometown one more time and look to do what john f. kerry has always done: find a way to win. >> that's not a lie. that's an absolute lie. you lie in that bookendlessly, claiming that reports --
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[inaudible] john o'neill. [inaudible conversations] you lie about documents endlessly. hold it, hold it. okay, let me ask the questions. you lied about -- [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> answer for your co-author. >> i understand why you're screaming, because you can't afford the truth. >> it's useless. i got no use for this man. >> cbs news has exclusive information including documents that now sheds new light on the president's service record. "60 minutes" has b tape -- obtained documents mr. bush received special treatment in the guard. >> vote republican, and you vote
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to enable george bush to keep ruling as an emperor, a retarded child emperor -- [laughter] but an emperor. ♪ >> i have decided, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear barack obama speak. i got this feeling up my leg -- >> no, steady. >> it's a dramatic event. he speaks about america that has to do about the feeling we have of our country, and that is an objective assessment. ♪ >> i read that you once took a psychological profile test and the position you're most suited for is undertaker? [laughter] >> on the bus ride along the snowy road to lebanon, new hampshire, i showed him this week's "newsweek" hot off the presses. how does this feel, of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity? >> well, i've not seen this.
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so it's quite something. you know, it -- >> who does it make you think of? is there a loved one? last time we were together i handed you a copy of "newsweek." have you yet held this in your hand? >> the fact of the matter is the comparison between her and hillary clinton is the comparison between an igloo and the empire state building. >> i want to just stipulate at the beginning of this interview, we are declaring a reverend wright-free zone today. so no questions about reverend wright. our viewers want us to move on, so this morning we're going to move on. is that okay with you? >> fair enough. that sounds just fine. >> i don't know about you, but i prefer james carville with a garbage can over his head. look, isn't it, when you watch those clips, isn't it like
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you're in the christmas carol, and it's the ghost of christmas past visiting you? i kind of blocked all of that out of my mind. but this year things really are not all that much different. if anything, it's a lot worse because things are worse for the country. the left-wingers in the press are absolutely in a frothy frenzy, they want to frame mitt romney as this guy who, okay, he hates poor people? check. he hates puppies? check. scott walker, i know he's running around maybe here tonight, but, you know, scott walker, governor of wisconsin, resists the recall, but he really hated teachers and people like paul ryan, well, he just wants to push grandma over the cliff and whale she's going over the -- while she's going over the cliff, feed her, if she's lucky, a little kibble and bits. this is what they want people to think of really incredibly
8:08 am
productive and intelligent conservatives. and it's so over the top that it's ludicrous. now, barack obama as you know is the opposite of all of those things. he loves puppies, he loves people, e loves rainbows -- he loves rainbows, and's a total romantic. this man knows how to wine and dine his wife. unfortunately for us, it's usually on our tax dollars. but he can do no wrong, even after this ridiculous record, this incredible damage that's been done to the united states. none of it matters because the infatuation has turned into a full-blown affair that the media has had with him. now, i know we're going to have audience participation at the end of the program, but as far as i'm concerned, you should feel perfectly welcome to use your noisemakers to let the world know how you feel when we
8:09 am
dui our final -- give our finalists the 2012 dishonors knuckle draggers award. and is here we go. our first nominee of the night is former cnn correspondent bob franken, and he's talking about gop candidates on this show called "politics nation." and i submit to you it's on msnbc. i have personally never heard of this show, but you can rest assured there are more people currently in this room than who have ever watched this program. but it was on january 6th. check it out. >> this seemed to be appeals to the extreme right-wing of the republican party. that is to say that there continues to be among many conservatives a real resentment against blacks. i think it is part of a hateful campaign that is being very methodically run in the hope
8:10 am
that it's going to appeal to voters who would love to see us return to the good old days of jim crow. >> yeah. we're really anti-black. colonel alan west is anti-black. condi rice is anti-black. mia love is anti-black. they're all hopelessly anti-black. msnbc daytime anchor, yes, i want you to note this, he's an actual anchor on this network that i used to work for called msnbc. his name is thomas roberts. and he was on last september 23rd to comment on the previous night's gop debate. and when i think about msnbc, i actually think of how many people work on each of their shows, and i think there are more staffers working for the shows than there are people watching the shows.
8:11 am
and nevertheless, mr. roberts takes it away. >> i get out of all these things that many of these candidates would rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time to where we had, you know, no women voting, slavery was cool. i mean, it's just kind of -- >> well -- >> in other words, republicans aring to la diets, liberals are so perpetually better informed. tom roberts. our third and final nominee for the 2012 dishonors knuckle dragger awards is and, well, how can it not be -- [laughter] yeah. i don't know about you, but when i'm watching chris matthews, i feel like i have to reach for the baby wipes. laugh after --
8:12 am
[laughter] i happen to have a child who's till in diapers, so i have a lot around the house. but i want to both wipe off my television screen and myself. it's a lot of saliva happening there. on november 15th chris was a walking bumper sticker for the banal thinking of the left. and i'm talking about their invocation of their favorite four-letter word as applied to conservative: hate. and if you want to be really hip with the kids on twitter, it's h8r, hater. everybody here wear that badge proudly if that's what they call you on twitter. i think it's cool. let's watch. >> the utter confusion in the republican presidential nominating process results from two facts. one, they hate. that's the simplest explanation
8:13 am
of the disastrous course of this selection process. they're not in the mood to fall in love with a candidate or even fall in behind someone. their brains racked as they are by hatred, they like the like mode. their no in -- they're in no mood to find a politician they like, the hating is so much more satisfying. >> well, i don't know about all of you, but hating, well, we do. i guess we hate what's being done to america. we hate what's being done to our freedoms. we hate what's being done to our constitution. we hate what's being done to our gdp. we hate what's being done to our ally, israel. we hate to what's being done to america's standing in the world. yes, we do. [applause] and i hate watching these clips from chris matthews. [laughter] the vast right-wing knuckle dragger award goes to that
8:14 am
so-called news anchor at msnbc who believes conservatives want to go back to a time when slavery was cool, thomas -- no one's ever heard of me -- roberts. ♪ >> i get out of all these things that many of these candidates would rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time to where we had, you know, no women voting, slavery was cool, i mean, it's just kind of -- >> well -- ♪ >> i don't know about all of you, but i'm thinking that's a long musical sendoff for that one sound bite. there's a lot of information we probably still could glean from those detainees at gitmo, and
8:15 am
i'm thinking we just play a nonstop loop of both matthews and roberts back to back, maybe a little eleanor cliff thrown in for good measure. we'll get all the safehouse and contact information we need. accepting on behalf of our favorite msnbc host who could not be here tonight -- and i'm so sad tommy couldn't be here -- perhaps no one in washington who folks at msnbc despise more than a man who has devoted much of his professional life and most of his personal life to protecting and defending the american family from both a social conservative and a fiscal conservative perspective, he has seen up close how, frankly, dangerous this can be, and we all remember what happened earlier this year at the offices of the family research council when the offices and one of their security employees was actually attacked, shot. and an individual was intent on
8:16 am
sending a message, and he did can. and got very little media coverage. and i said to brent bozell a couple of weeks ago i guess it was, imagine if a nominally republican-oriented assailant had, heaven forbid, gone into the headquarters of the human rights campaign and shot one of their, you know, security guards -- i mean, i don't want to think about it. but imagine if that had happened. there would be vigils, there would be protests, there would be nonstop media coverage. but because it happened to the family research council, it was essentially swept under the rug. but i am delighted, very much so, to introduce the man who's accepting the award on behalf of tom roberts, my friend from the family research could be sill, toni -- council, tony perkins. tony? ♪
8:17 am
♪ >> well, thank you. thank you, laura, thank you. i'm very honored to be here tonight. you know, most people do not think i have a sense of humor. [laughter] and this is my chance to prove them right. [laughter] i wouldn't think as a southern baptist i would be encouraging people to drink, but go ahead and drink, the jokes get funnier. [laughter] i spent -- i'm from louisiana, and i spent time in office there, and i was introduced recently. i'd been speaking, and i was introduced as a former state legislate you are the from louisiana. and a guy came up to me and said you don't sound or look like you're from louisiana. i said, what do you mean? i watch that show about louisiana, "swamp people."
8:18 am
[laughter] and i said james carville does not represent all of us. [cheers and applause] but i thought that bob franken was going to accept for thomas roberts, but i was told that he could not make it tonight. he was out wooking for the white--wing wascists. [laughter] where's that time machine? maybe i can go back and pass on this. and my pal chris matthews, i hate to say this, but i hate that he didn't win the award, and i hate that he is not here tonight. it must have been something he hate. [laughter] or maybe it's just that the thrill's gone. as for thomas roberts and the time machine, maybe we can send him back to a time when reporters actually reported.
8:19 am
[applause] you know, you know the time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and news was so easy that a caveman could do it. [laughter] and brent was running around in a loin cloth. oh, i'm sorry, you just finished eating. next slide. [laughter] let me just say on behalf of mr. roberts and the entire liberal establishment, mrc, you are a net. you are a threat. and for the rest of us, thank you, brent bozell. [applause] i gladly accept this award, and i want to thank brent and mrc for 25 years of exposing the bias and inspiring all of us to look beyond what we're told and look for the truth. brent, here's to 25 more years. [cheers and applause]
8:20 am
>> i know that sound. i've worked with some of those people. [laughter] and everything you think about them is true. one of my favorites, and there are too many things to go over, i was howling back there, one of my favorites is diane sawyer informing the occupy movement had spread to more than a thousand countries worldwide. i mean, that's a gem. i run that over and over again. there are, of course, for democrats listening at home fewer than 200 countries on the planet earth. [laughter] therefore, the movement has apparently spread to a number of other planets. [laughter] they've brought us so many
8:21 am
valuable things, the occupy movement. return of the fecal bomb. [laughter] sexual assault tents. good stuff. well, there are a lot of people, individuals and a lot of organizations, represented in this room who have cosponsored tonight's vent, too many to name individually. i'd be going through a lot of you here. but you'll find the names of the sponsors, many of your own names, in tonight's program. but there is one person that we want to single out for recognition tonight because he's done something quite extraordinary. dan kennedy, where is dan? dan kennedy, over here. [applause] dan kennedy is a trustee of the media research center and heads kennedy consulting where he is surrounded by a virtual army of america's finest, entrepreneurs all, all of whom will happily
8:22 am
tell our beloved president, barack obama, that the government didn't have a damn thing to do with building their businesses. [cheers and applause] and dan did something, dan did something tonight that we want to recognize him for. dan filled five tables tonight with business leaders -- [cheers and applause] so, dan, we wanted to single you out for recognition. [applause] for all of your good works. and next up is the william f. buckley award for media excellence. the william f. buckley award for media excellence was launched, was founded with the blessings of william f. buckley himself in 2007. and the purpose is to honor once a year that individual who as a reporter has done the most to correctly cover the policies and
8:23 am
politics of the conservative movement or as a commentator has best defended and promoted our vision in the face of relentless attacks from an increasingly dishonest left-wing media. that's a generous understatement. the winner every year is selected by the mrc board of trustees, and our first recipient was none other than rush limbaugh. a lot of people have heard of him. [applause] he was followed in 2008 by the late, the great and the sorely-missed tony snow. [applause] tony was followed in turn by a favorite of mine, certainly, and has been for a long time, and i know a favorite of a lot of people in this room, and that's brit hume. [applause] one of the, one of the real adults in the news media today. someone that really deserves
8:24 am
great respect and doesn't get all the respect that he's due in the industry. in 2010 we gave the buckley award to the author of the sharon statement, and one of the unsung heroes of the conservative movement, m. stanton evans. [applause] last year the award went to none other than cal thomas -- [applause] and well deserved it was. cal with his column appearing in more than 500 newspapers nationwide, the most widely-read conservative commentator in america. frequent guest on television shows and a regular panelist on the fox news watch, great show. cal has also won the cable ace award, the george foster peabody award as well as awards from the associated press and united press international, although i'm guessing that those might have been a while ago. so to pass the baton and present the 2012 william f. buckley
8:25 am
award for media excellence, it is an honor to present to you a man that i'm proud to call my friend, cal thomas. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much, chris. those of you who do not live in washington and don't have the privilege of listening to chris' talk show from 9:05 a.m. to noon, just before rush comes on, i want to highly recommend it to you. 630 wmal. ity chris is one of the -- [applause] i think chris is one of the best talk show hosts in the country, on a par with rush. he's amazing. he's funny, he's accurate, and if you haven't discovered him yet, i hope you will. he paid me to say that. no, he didn't, just kidding. [laughter] once upon a time in an america
8:26 am
far, far away which then had a media seemingly less hostile to the things conservatives value most, there was a species called ab investigatorrive reporter -- an investigative reporter whose job was to root out corruption and what others wanted kept secret in order to enlighten the public and all politicians of both parties accountable. to the extent such a species exists today, it largely serves left-wing journalism. as we have seen with the success of fox news and talk radio, the liberal media get very upset when their territory is invaded by upstart outsiders. andrew breitbart was an upstart and an outsider. [applause] yes. andrew quickly became a player because he knew there are things covered up by the major media, mostly to assist their friends in government, that they don't want exposed. in that capacity andrew upheld
8:27 am
the highest principles of a true investigative reporter. among his and his organization's many valuable contributions to public knowledge were the anthony wiener tweets which i hate to bring up so soon after our meal -- [laughter] the acorn 2009 undercover videos that expose the supposed nonprofit outfit as a shill for democrats, and this year the planned parenthood videos which outed a counselor for telling a young woman that having an abortion was no problem. andrew was a commentator or blogger and a wonderful troublemaker for those who deserve to be in trouble. [applause] he founded and five other web sites, breitbart big tv, big hollywood, big government, big journalism and big peace.
8:28 am
he became a big player in what has become to be called the new media, including work as an editor on the drudge report web site and, yes, the huffington post. bill buckley didn't dwell in the past, but he believed we could and should learn from it. he was fascinated by the rise of the new media and encouraged conservatives to become involved in it as he had in the old media. he didn't live to see it come to full fruition, and andrew left us too soon for him to have an even greater influence than he already has had. it is a tribute to him that his web sites and work endure, and it is now my pleasure as the winner of last year's william f. buckley jr. award to present this year's award posthumously to andrew breitbart. pay he rest in peace -- may he rest in peace -- [applause] may he rest in peace, and pay
8:29 am
his legacy live on. accepting the award is orson dean, suzy's father, and with him is alice mills bean. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, happy. [applause] you may remember me, i formerly went on the screen under the name of irene dunn. [laughter] at my age i have from time to time started thinking about the end of things, and it has occurred to me that when my time does come, i hope to go the way my dear old grandfather did can, quiet ri in his sleep -- quietly
8:30 am
in the his sleep, not screaming like the passengers in his car. [laughter] andrew made me laugh more than anybody i've ever met. we all loved andrew, and andrew loved us. my wife, ali mills, was loved so much by andrew, and he said i never dreamed that i would be in the same family with the mother from the wonder years. [laughter] and he just was so full of heart, and the thing i loved most about andrew in terms of his public persona was how people on the left hated him until they met him, and then they started loving him. the new yorker sent a woman out to l.a. where we all lived to do
8:31 am
a piece on him, and they did a long piece. she spent ten days, he brought the woman over to our house, and i thought they would do a hatchet job, they did a love letter. she loved him. "the new york times" wrote two major pieces about him in the last year of his life and they were both love letters because the reporters spent time with him. and that's the way it was with andrew. larry solov who was his best friend from earliest childhood and formed the breitbart organization with andrew was here tonight, loved andrew. we all loved andrew. and my daughter, suzy, wanted so much to be able to come here tonight and, finally, it was -- it isn't time yet. she's still so in despair with grief and to be surrounded by so many people who loved him just would have overwhelmed her. anyway, i'm so happy to accept this on behalf of andrew and
8:32 am
suzy and my four grandchildren that he presented me with, the youngest of whom is named william. william buckley breitbart. [laughter] thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> not screaming. like the other people in his car. [laughter] there are a lot of people in this room who know from firsthand experience that videotape can be a very, very dangerous thing.
8:33 am
you never really know what's going the happen. ask mitt romney. you never really know what's going to happen when someone makes off with videotape of you, especially when people get it into the edit room, and you lose control over it which is what happens every night with republicans and the news media. and as a demonstration of what i mean by that, a short time ago mrc president brent bozell with his rick blaine/humphrey bogart jacket on tonight -- [laughter] was asked to videotape a message to mrc supporters about the value of the mrc's extraordinary and superb internship program, and it really is a great internship program. so being the nice guy that he is, gruff exterior, he cooperated. little did he know that he was being set up by his own interns,
8:34 am
and this is what they've done. [laughter] >> hi, my name is brent bozell, i'm the founder and president of the media research center. at the mrc we recognize the importance of equipping young conservatives with the skills, tools and knowledge that they need to help shape and influence the conservative movement for decades to come. that's why for more than 20 years the mrc's youth education and intern program has offered our nation's most promising conservative students an intensive, on-the-job education in fuse analysis, reporting -- in news analysis, reporting, marketing and fundraising. unlike the typical washington, d.c. intern experience, mrc interns play a role in helping to advance both the mission of the mrc and the conservative
8:35 am
cause. upon joining the mrc, following a highly-competitive selection process, interns are immersed in the strategies and best practices of journalism, marketing, filming and fundraising. many mrc interns go on to successful full-time careers with the mrc where they continue to grow professionally. many others join other prominent conservative organizations or political campaigns, leveraging their mrc experience to help advance conservativism in a varian oi of unique -- variety of unique ways. i'm proud of the great work mrc interns have done over the years and continue to do on behalf of the conservative cause. mrc interns make a real impact across every mrc department. they are truly part of the mrc family. [laughter] [applause]
8:36 am
>> there's another video paid a number of years ago about the clinton white house's internship program -- [laughter] you can find it on the internet. [laughter] but we're not going to play it here. [laughter] and that tape is a good introduction to our next segment, the funnies. now, i know that, you know, it's chris matthews, it's bob franken, it's all -- they can't help but be funny. they're not intentionally funny, of course. if chris matthews were not employed by msnbc, i suspect he'd be one of those people muttering at a bus stop about racism and eyeing little girls with bad intent. [laughter] and our presenter for this segment is, i believe, an established star in the conservative movement, and his
8:37 am
star continues to rise. and it's a pleasure to have him with us tonight. he's a senior writer at the weekly standard, the author of two new york times bestsellers. cheney: the untold story of america's most powerful and controversial vice president as well as "the connection: how al-qaeda's collaboration with saddam hussein has endangered america." he's currently working on his third book entitled, "endless: how i learned to write new york times' bestsellers with the longest titles in the history of journalism." [laughter] his work has appeared in countless publications around the country. he's been a commentator on cnn, the mcloughlin group, msnbc -- everybody's got to start somewhere -- cnbc and c-span. now you see him regularly including pretty much every
8:38 am
night at 6 p.m. on the bret baier show on the fox news channel which is what we call real television. and to take us through our next segment, it's a pleasure to introduce a good friend of the media research center, mr. stephen hayes. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> good evening, everyone. how we doing? i have the easiest job here all night, i get to introduce the funnies. um, i want to say, as chris mentioned, i'm now doing a lot of work for the fox news channel and thrilled with my affiliation with fox. [applause] fair and balanced. couldn't think of a better show to be on regularly than bret baier's "special report" which i think is still the best news program on television. [applause] and it's interesting because when i meet people, i think
8:39 am
sometimes people think of me as a broadcast guy because they see me on fox. but at heart i'm still a print journalist. i sort of grew up as a print journalist, i work for the week hi standard, i consider -- weekly standard, i consider that my sort of real job. i'm moonlighting at fox. i hope to be moonlighting at fox for many years. but i'm a print journalist at heart, and what's interesting about tonight, what's interesting about the program that brent has put together is we obviously feature so much in the way of broadcast journalism and taking shots at so many journalists, there are many more who deserve torque -- to be shot at. i mean that metaphorically, please. so i wanted to share with you just a couple of examples of bias, idiocy in print journalism. because i didn't want you to think that us print journalists
8:40 am
are smarter than broadcast journalists, even though that's the reputation. so i compiled a list of real headlines, and it's important for me to etch size to you that these -- emphasize to you that these are actual headlines that ran in real newspapers across the country. i'm just going to read a few. the first one, federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons. [laughter] one-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers. [laughter] statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after 25. [laughter] did i mention that these are real finish this is not made up. tight end returns after colon surgery. [laughter] oh, come on. if we're giving an obama-gasm
8:41 am
award, i can do a tight end joke. [laughter] this is one of my favorites, one los angeles times story involved a councilwoman named laura chick who was unhappy at what she saw as gender-based insensitivity from her colleagues. the los angeles times headline was, quote: chick accuses some of her male colleagues of sexism. [laughter] homicide victims rarely talk to police. [laughter] totally serious. i'm totally serious. hispanics ace spanish test. [laughter] and the last one, midget sues grocer, cites belittling remarks. [laughter] all those are real. so for some of you who have attended this event, as i have, over the years, our annual funniest videos segment is truly
8:42 am
unique and is often the highlight. it normally has nothing to do with bias, sometimes nothing to do even with politics, and it shows that we're basically shameless enough to do anything at all we can to amuse you. so just plain funny tough we found while trolling the airwaves. some of it is gaffes that we've caught, sometimes it's other pieces we blatantly steal with full credit, of course. but before offering the best funny videos of 2012, we want to show you the best of the best over the years. trust me, this video could go on for around hour, and you'd love it all, but we just don't have the time for it. so the first three videos could fall under the category why live television is deadly, and i don't mean that literally, to quote joe biden. [laughter] you never really know what's going to happen when the
8:43 am
camera's live, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. in these three cases, reporters are desperately trying to promote one story when another one, called reality, intervenes. >> america broke records tuesday in voter participation, and our friends at cnn were on the scene live to report the story in places where people stood in line to cast their ballots. >> you can see these folks here have been waiting patiently for quite some time. hundreds of people were standing in this line earlier morning. in fact, the polling place opened at 6:00, and some folks were waiting in line two hours before that at 4 a.m. how long have you folks been waiting, how long have you been waiting? >> five minutes. [laughter] >> the severe flooding here in the northeast as more rain continues to fall today, and michelle kaczynski, i guess she's in the canoe, is in wayne, new jersey. good morning to you. >> good morning. obviously, we're getting a nice
8:44 am
break from the rain but not the flooding. this is essentially, now, part of the passaic river in this neighborhood. it rushed in yesterday through the streets, and it's really tough to control a a canoe or boat -- >> actually, michelle, is there some kind of severe dropoff there? we go back, we saw these guys a second ago, michelle, are these holy men walking on top of water? what's going on there? talk to me a little bit about morale here. you know, we've heard so much about the insurgent attacks, so much about the uncertainty as to when you folks are going to go home. how would you describe to real? >> my unit morale's pretty good, pretty good. every day people are to execute their missions, and they're pretty excited to be here. >> how much does that uncertainty of knowing how long you're going to be here impact morale? >> morale's always high. soldiers know they have a mission, they like taking on the new objectives, new challenges, train the iraqi army, and now
8:45 am
they're motivated. >> don't get me wrong, i think you guys are telling me the truth, but there might be a lot of people at home wondering how that could be possible with the insurgent attacks you're facing. what would you say to those people who are doubtful? >> well, sir, if i got my news from the newspapers also, i'd be pretty depressed as well. [cheers and applause] >> see? as good as advertised. the next one comes from the tonight show, and it is a spoof of bill clinton. >> hi, president clinton. welcome to news for kids. it's only september, and christmas is already on my mind. are you excited too? >> there's a reason it's on people's minds, because there's been a serious disinformation to create that impression.
8:46 am
>> what do you mean? don't you like santa? >> i worked hard to try to kill him. [laughter] .. the people are watching tonight, their premiums will go up, their employers will load a more costs on you. potentially they will drop your coverage because they can't afford an increase 25, 30%. the federal government will go bankrupt. >> you really believe that,
8:47 am
don't you? you know, you're really an enigma to me. you seem to be an educated man. you utilize much the same as highly sophisticated weapon, don't you? the finest university teachings in the world and once in gifted to all that, how do you put it to use? to the ultimate and positive businesses aggression of the site that made that learning possible for you. and you are believed in particularly by the young. you can move mountains. >> what about my freedoms, my families way of living? you don't concern yourself with that, do you? people don't want your abilities to interfere with the way of life. >> you are full of enthusiasm and it is an short boiling over with energy. you want to change things so you look around and see a lot of things that need changing. people kill each other and they shouldn't. people are hungry and they shouldn't be. people are cold and elderly. they need shelter and books.
8:48 am
the world needs changing. well, it does need change but if you going to live with the rest of us they needed to play the game by the rules. [applause] >> finally with a truncated clip of our favorite, "the daily show"'s report on a leftist protester in washington who chained himself to a building in protest, but it was the wrong building. >> meet jody of olympia, washington. a man driven to protest. >> the bush administration gave the ultimatum to saddam hussein to leave iraq. i got ready and i got a chain and some locks and i went to commit an act of civil disobedience by locking myself into a door speak he meant to chain himself here, to this u.s. department of energy substation. but instead he ended up here,
8:49 am
chained to the side door of a nonprofit rural aid organization. he got the wrong building, but at least he had the right message. your side said reduce deficit, and you shouted no blood for oil. and your change to a rural health organization. what's your message? >> well -- >> so wrong building, unclear message, but at least jody reached the people. >> how long before someone noticed you? >> eighteen hours. >> why do you think people ignored think people don't like to think about the troubles and international spectrum right now. spend not because you're below sidewalk level? >> jodie brought me to the place where for some reason no one saw him. >> you would change where? >> to this door handle. >> was this sign here when you
8:50 am
-- >> actually it was. >> did you read the signs because after i had locked the door door handle. >> yes, after he locked to the door handle but every good processor has a contingency plan. spent when you found out you in the wrong place you just unlocked yourself in mood, right? >> no, because i didn't have the key. >> you forgot it? >> i left it in the car i was using. >> in his car, probably next to the -- them are righteously hours later office worker larry clark stumbled upon jody and set him straight. >> when you told a news at the wrong building, what did he say? >> basically oh. >> he just said oh. >> yes, agilities stands as an inspiration to us all.
8:51 am
>> are you the rosa parks of chaining yourself to the wrong building? >> i'm sorry, i don't know who rosa parks is. >> in the and jody feels wiser and he has big plans for next time they're probably going to do it again. i might actually try to research and find a building that's actually owned by the federal government. >> good idea. >> so those were good in 2012 is no different. it's another treasure trove, and we offer you several of the best tonight. the first comes courtesy of nbc's "saturday night live" which proves that from time to time it really is an equal opportunity offender. i wonder if al sharpton laughed, i wonder if al sharpton knows how to laugh, when he saw the
8:52 am
perfect parity of his msnbc, of his performance as an msnbc host which, of course, i'd never seen since these on opposite and nobody else has, either. some i think it's doubtful. this good brand on may 19, roll tape. >> it's four years since the financial meltdown and wall street still has a gambling problem. the problem is they're gambling with our money. ♪ >> i'm al sharpton. excuse me. let's talk about what's going on on wall street. this week the country's biggest case, they lost $3 billion. here to explain about is calling, head of global finance for chip morgan in london.
8:53 am
spent good evening. it's just jpmorgan. spin okay, then you can call me a al sharpton. now, we couldn't mitigate the risk because the multiple disconnected risks management silos that are run by third parties. >> on to our ongoing statement come here on the jobs will refocus on whether jobs are at here in america. let's go to a basket to talk to peter who works at sockeye seafood which is a salmon canary. peter, do the canaries have fins or wings? >> i work at a salmon cannery. >> what kind of jobs are at there? >> we need fish cleared, people take out the bones and get the fish. it's hard work but it pays well
8:54 am
and whether things will positions open now. >> hold a. so you tell me you've got 12 good jobs taking the bones and feathers off of salmon canary's? and these republicans are still talking about how unemployment is so bad. i tell you what. i'm going to kill you one of those jobs myself. how do i get up there? >> we are over 4000 miles away spent i drive a 1991 buick riviera. i can fit six people in the back seat. we are coming to get those jobs. >> weight. are you going to drive to killing him al-aqsa to ken fischer? >> absolute. what i'm not doing this show, all i do is sample all of oil relaxants at the barbershop. republicans are supporting billionaires on wall street while talking about doom and gloom in the job market. it's like they're smoking a mere. excuse income is like they're putting smoke into a mayor. because in the mirror, our
8:55 am
country, that's bad. i'll talk to you. >> al sharpton, ladies and gentlemen. most americans celebrated when we learned the news of osama bin laden's death. we celebrated in many different ways. i personally took a case of pabst blue ribbon to "the weekly standard" office, and we all had a beer. but no one express themselves quite like the comedian martin short. shortly after the killing of osama bin laden, martin short took to the david letterman show to sing his own personal tribute ♪ good by al qaeda's rose ♪ ♪ in the afterlife, six dozen
8:56 am
virgins sure sounded 12 ♪ ♪ so it must have burned your. >> guest: when you ended up in hell ♪ ♪ it seems to me you lived your life like a link back in the sand ♪ ♪ getting waxed an attack in rural pakistan ♪ ♪ you reached the lowest limit of human raise ♪ ♪ would have shot you anywhere, how about in the face? ♪ had the chance to shoot you anywhere, anywhere, anywhere ♪ ♪ but we shot you in the face ♪
8:57 am
[applause] >> so the next thing in the script said i have a personal affinity for the following offerings because, well, i'm in them. but i don't know what they are. so i don't get, yet know if i have a personal affinity for these things if they're making fun of me then, and i blame you, brent. but it's become a staple special rapport with we close with some snippet of video we got some were and which we find or the producers find particularly humorous. they come from a bunch of different direction of those of us were on the set are often as unused as the public watching is. my name is stephen hayes and i approve of these clips. >> some political pundits have complained about a lack of fireworks during monday's republican debate. one late night show and will stretch the use of one word, brought the candidates together.
8:58 am
>> obamacare. >> obamacare. >> obamacare. >> obamacare. >> obamacare? >> obamacare. >> obama. >> obamacare. >> obama. >> obama. >> obama. >> barack obama. >> obama. >> we know the official campaign slogan for the presidential's reelection effort is simply one word, forward. but not everyone thought it was catchy enough so the vice president has apparently been floating some alternatives. >> change only comes to challenge. i am more optimistic about this country than i've ever been in my whole career. not because of -- >> forget about your blank mac.
8:59 am
so why the hell don't you go home? spent i don't quite get this. >> i'm so ashamed. >> he was fired up by the naacp speech today. his second stem wonderingly. obama supporters praise those speeches. now it appears one show has uncovered a new to work by the starting. >> this summer don't miss your chance to see america's funniest number two. joe biden. >> those walls are awful thing. >> as barack says the three letter word, jobs. >> every gaffe spent god rest your soul and oh, wait


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